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Our Weight Loss Program

Our health clinic helps Metro Atlanta men & women get back on track with their health & their weight loss journey.

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Weight loss doesn’t have to be a daunting journey, at Total Body Therapy of Georgia our healthcare professionals will set up a complimentary assessment and build a plan that is right for you! Our weight loss program is designed to help you make a healthy lifestyle change that is more than just diet & exercise tips. We will give you a new way to view health & provide you with the tools to help you reach your weight loss & health goals!
The Benefits of Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss has several key benefits to your overall health but some of the major benefits are managing type 2 diabetes, lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of heart attack or heart disease, boosting your mental health, helping men with erectile dysfunction, lowering cholesterol & much more.

Extreme weight & obesity can have a negative impact on your body. Type 2 Diabetes is one of the most common diseases that often presents itself with obesity & inactivity. This condition occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin & in turn creates issues with glucose regulation in the body. Proper diet & exercise can help with glucose or blood sugar control.

About Our Program

At Total Body Therapy of Georgia, we will assess your overall health & determine any medical problems that may be associated with obesity or extreme weight gain. We will build a plan that combines 3 important components:

  • Diet/Nutrition Strategy
    1. We will provide a healthy weight loss strategy that combines moderate exercise & proper management of caloric intake. Our team will also provide you with a grocery list, sample calorie sheets, fast food guides & more!
  • Accountability & Support
    1. Our team of physicians & nurses will help you keep on track. We will provide monthly one-on-one appointments to help support you during this weight loss journey.
  • Prescription Therapy
    1. With the guidance of our skilled physicians, we will provide medication that will help with your weight loss & that will be monitored & adjusted as needed by our team!

Don’t neglect your health & call Total Body Therapy today to begin your weight loss journey!

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Dr Eric, Tony, Eric, Erica and the rest of the amazing team have helped my wife and I get back on track with healthy, vital and better living! They explain why I was feeling the way I was, advanced health services my GP just couldn’t offer or care help me and my wife with! You value your health, your vitality, your confidence and live your life to the fullest…. come and see these thoughtful, caring and very professional team here at Total Body Therapy of Georgia!

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Total Body Therapy of Georgia is a private health clinic specializing in non-surgical, modern alternative therapies to help men and women regain full function and wellbeing.

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