Learn About The Best New Way to Burn Fat & Gain Muscle

Learn About The Best New Way to Burn Fat & Gain Muscle

Summer & swimsuit season is quickly approaching! If you are like most people, this time of year can sneak up on you. With the hectic realities of life, doing hour long workouts may not be feasible with your schedule. Luckily, there is a way to get that HITT workout in just 30 minutes while laying down. This new treatment is called the EMSculpt Neo, the first FDA Cleared treatment that combines radio-frequency heating with High Intensity Electromagnetic Waves to dispose of fat cells & increase muscle build.

Why You Should Try EMSculpt Neo?

While you can workout consistently & still struggle with problem areas such as your abdominals, EMSculpt can target one specific area to get rid of that stubborn fat or increase your muscles. The EMSculpt Neo is equivalent to doing 12-16 weeks of a HIIT workout, which is High Intensity Interval Training. Putting it simply, you can get all the amazing benefits of high intensity workouts without working out.

The EMSculpt Neo machine is unique because it uses radio-frequency heat to increase temperatures that is optimal for damaging & removing fat cells. At the same time, the machine is producing contractions to create muscle build. These contractions the EMSculpt Neo creates, are done at an intensity that is not possible during routine exercise.

What to Expect

This treatment is painless & non-invasive & there is zero downtime! You will experience a warm sensation during the beginning of the treatment as the machine increases temperatures to remove fat cells. The treatment takes just 30 minutes to complete!

Additionally, you will typically see visible results two to four weeks after your last treatment. The EMSculpt Neo will continue to produce results and get rid of fat up to 90 days following your last session.


The EMSculpt Neo is one of the best new ways to burn fat & gain muscle! You can see 30% less fat & 25% more muscle with this machine. Don't let Summer & Swimsuit season sneak up on you. We all want to find ways to look & feel our very best & EMSculpt Neo may help you achieve your fitness goals. Call Total Body Therapy of Georgia today to book your first session!